Light in the apartment

How to arrange the light in the apartment

Even if you have found the “same” shade for the walls, spent on wooden floors, brought from a trip Moroccan carpet and ordered in Milan furniture from the latest collection of a successful brand, the result can be disappointing. The semiannual all your efforts can be thwarted one penalty — illiterate light. This happens when the electrical engineer is laid at random at the planning stage. And not from a lack of diligence, but simply because they have not yet decided where the sofa will stand, what length the dining table will be, and they did not think about accessories at all.

Start planning electricians when ready a detailed plan of arrangement of furniture

At least this way you will make your new home comfortable for living. Switches are usually located at a distance of 15 centimeters from the edge of the doorway, on the side where the door handle: you must be sure of the scheme of opening the door. For the top light in the bedroom, I always recommend my customers a pass switch to be able to have the same top light turn on or off both at the door and by the bed. It is also convenient for a long corridor leading from the hallway to the bedrooms. But try to avoid a lot of switches. If on the way from the front door to the kitchen you have to turn on the light more than twice, the scheme is bad: you just will not use it in full.

Light should be different

The space in which we live, three-dimensional, and building tiered lighting will help to emphasize the depth and volume that can not be done with a single light source. Designers distinguish four tiers of lighting: the top (ceiling lamps, chandeliers, built-in spotlights), the first middle (wall lamps, sconces, floor lamps), the second middle (bedside lamps, lamps on low window sills and coffee tables) and the bottom (lamps built into the plinth and the floor, floor light sculptures).

The lower the light source, the more intimate the atmosphere it creates, and Vice versa. With the upper light on (even if it is a stunningly romantic chandelier with candles and crystal pendants) to achieve the effect of a cozy room is impossible. Best for this purpose, two lower levels of lighting are suitable — candles in a decorative fireplace or a real fire in the fireplace.

Wall lamps (the first middle tier) are not currently used independently. 150 years ago, these were candles on the wall that were easy to reach, while chandeliers were lit only on special occasions. In modern classic interiors, the sconces remained by inertia, as an accessory. They are included rarely, and always with the chandelier. Many of my customers are asking me to plan a wall lamp over the bed. But it’s not functional. Ideal for the sleeping area is a combination of a lamp with soft diffused light on the bedside table and a small lamp on a flexible leg for reading, which can be mounted on the wall or in the headboard. So you will be able to see the text well without tiring your eyes. The sconce only lights up the wall or your head.