The Second Light

What is the second light in the house

the secong light

Traditionally, the originality of buildings is manifested in their external architecture. However, the inner “world” of buildings can also be arranged quite outside the box. “Second light” is a functional and effective technique in architecture that will appeal to all lovers of unusual solutions. Thus, in a residential building creates something excellent and makes an unimaginable entourage. It looks especially great in the afternoon when the large hall is filled with pleasant natural light.

Second light in the house-what is it?

In fact, it is a huge room with several rows of window openings and a high ceiling. Due to the lack of overlap between the floors, the room is combined and very spacious, and being in it, gives the impression of light and air space. This solution architecture is permissible only for the spacious houses, with an area of over 200 sqm, a double row of window openings in these buildings brings a practical and an interior feature. Double light in modern buildings is done more to create entourage than for lighting, because it is impossible to recreate, even using (sms lån) the most ideal artificial light sources.

Create a room with double light in several ways: remove the ceiling or lower the floor.

  • The first option involves the rejection of the room on the second floor, which means that the ceiling height in the living room will increase.
  • The second option is used much more often, however, for its implementation it is necessary to install steps in the living room from the corridor.

Layout of different types of houses

Even a small structure will look much more spacious and lighter, if you create its layout, you will equip the “second light”. The increase in space is due to the use of double ceilings in the end hall and hall, it seems much more. Many projects of buildings are made taking into account the arrangement of the second light, so that the house will be the most comfortable, spacious and cozy. By adding this solution to the interior, you will make the structure at the same time beautiful, aesthetic, bright, solid and multifunctional, while maintaining natural light. The plan of the building with the second light should include the layout, as it is necessary to observe the interior decoration of the room and its proportions of space. It is also necessary to take into account – visit the website – the location of many items: fireplace, stairs and so on.