What Are Different Types of LED Lights

Here is a brief introduction to various types of LED lights we come across in our daily life.

Miniature LED’s :

These are the smallest variants in the types of LED’s available. They produce a narrow and intense beam of light. We usually come across them in our television remote controls. They also have a wide range of applications in mobile phones, other remote sensors, circuit boards, digital cameras and so on.

Application Specific LED :

AS LED’s are a collection of a huge number of LED lights to form a particular pattern. They mostly have commercial applications. They are highly customised to fit the need of the customer. We come across them in big display screens on various occasions, bill boards and public displays. There can either be two or three color combinations in AS LED’s.

LED strips :

These LED’s have a unique configuration as compared to the other variants. They are mounted on thin flexible circuit boards with the help of adhesive coatings. The high power nature makes them to appear like a train small twinkling stars. They are gaining lot of popularity off late due to new found applications in many DIY crafts.

Directional – reflector LED’s :

Reflector LED’s are the best choice to light up a wide area with the help of directional bulbs. They are highly energy efficient and emit light in the form of uniform beams. They find application in godowns and markets where goods sensitive to UV light are stored.

LED candle bulbs :

This is another variants which has garnered a lot of customer appreciation. They produce dim and warm light across a given room. They are installed for decorative purposes in homes, restaurants and other places.

Hope this information will be useful for you in purchasing the right LED’s.